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As English language professionals, Expert Editing is a South African company which offers highly skilled and professional general language editing and proofreading services to business and individuals. Although the focus is on English, we also offer limited services for Afrikaans documents. All services are discussed in detail below.

If you require academic editing (dissertations, theses, research papers) or business writing/copywriting (including the writing of website content and business/company profiles) – please contact our sister company Copy-Writing.

Professional language editing and proofreading gives you the edge

Impressive, crisp, professionally written communication is often the first introduction to your stakeholders, clients or other interested parties – sometimes in a highly competitive marketplace where only the very best is noticed.

Expert Editing offers a high quality language editing and proofreading service which reinforces your organisational, corporate or personal image and brand, facilitates successful marketing, and impresses stakeholders – in the best way possible – so that your written documents create a highly favourable and lasting first impression.

What we do

Our highly experienced language editors and proofreaders combine skill, the highest professional standards, and a genuine understanding of the target market – to deliver a specialised editing and proofreading service which will help ensure the success and recognition that you or your company deserve.

Expert Editing guarantees the high quality and confidentiality of all your documents.

We offer services to all sectors of the market, including, but not limited to: corporates, government, NGOs, academic institutions, publishers, and, importantly, individuals.

For a detailed summary of our proofreading and language editing services and the associated per word and per page pricing, please click here.

Why us?

The chief editor at Expert Editing holds a PhD and has more than 20 years of editing and writing experience, is a published author, and is a recognised contributor to a wide range of publications nationally and internationally. For a brief profile of his CV, please click here. He supervises all associate editors, all of whom have a Masters degree or higher; this is invaluable when it comes to working with novel, important and more complex documents. To learn more about us and our experience, please click here.

Expert Editing has many very satisfied past clients and the chief editor has affiliations with both a professional group for editors in South Africa and the South African Translator’s Institute. This confirms our professional status and is a form of recourse for all our clients.

Language editing and proofreading services

We edit and proofread all company and personal documents, regardless of topic or length, and whether in hard copy or online. These include (among many others):


  • Company reports and presentations, including Power Point presentations
  • Reports of all kinds (including annual, integrated, sustainability and social-responsibility reports)
  • Corporate histories and management profiles
  • Manuals, guides, books and magazine articles
  • Internal company communications
  • Motivational documents
  • Marketing material
  • Website content
  • Newsletters


  • Important personal documents and applications
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Content for social media and blogs
  • Non fiction books

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