Hlomu The Wife Chapter 2

It’s been a week since that kiss that was an official stamp on my ‘taxi queen’ status. But I haven’t set foot at a taxi rank since the day I got in the Sprinter.
I have been driven to work and picked up and brought lunch and and I’m in love.
This afternoon as usual he is at my flat.
“When are you coming to Naturena?”he asks.
He is random like that, you just never know what he’s going to say next.
I hesitate a little. I had forgotten that I don’t know where he lives.
“I could come this weekend?”
“Tomorrow after work?” he says.
It’s Wednesday today by the way, I had forgotten.
“Yep that’s fine with me, plus I’m off on Friday anyway,” I say.
I still worry though about when he does his work. He told me he is at Bree by 4am every day so I shouldn’t worry about his work, he gets lunch hours too. Since then I’ve heard of three more brothers, Ntsika, Mqoqi and Mpande. I’ve never met any of them but I know they’re all in Joburg. There’s been phone calls when I’m around and I’ve seen the fondness on his face when he speaks to them.

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