Hlomu the Wife Chapter 4

See, my father has never lay a hand on me, let alone a man I don’t even know.

I know girls who get beaten up by their boyfriends and I know that the physical pain is nothing compared to the feeling of being degraded, exposed, unworthy that comes with it.

I’ve seen beautiful, smart and strong girls like me turning into bitter ticking time bombs not because of the hate they have for the men who beat them, but the hate they have for themselves for allowing it to happen.

That is exactly how I feel right now. I have given a man I hardly know every bit of me in just two weeks. There were signs, yes there were a lot of signs. They were all over, the way he kept coming back even after I was clear that I wasn’t interested, the way he reacted on my first night at his house, that time I found that bag full of money………maybe I should go to the police.

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