Naledi His Love Chapter 11

One of the twins is here.

I can’t tell them apart, I don’t know which one this is so I just call him “boy”.

It’s weird that he’s the only one here because the kids of this family are always together.

I’m ready to go.

Qhawe is dropping me off at the airport where I’ll meet everyone. From there we’re flying straight to Durban and then drive to the south coast.

I’m surprised nobody is being sent with us to babysit and drive us around.

“Mama where are you going?”

He’s been following me around the house all morning. He walks with his hands behind his back and asks one question after another….

“I’m going to the beach boy,”

“What’s the beach?”

“It’s a big place with a lot of water.”

“Are you going to drink the water?”

“No, the water has salt,”

“Who put the salt there?”


“Jesus put the salt there, come on, it’s time to go,”-Qhawe says brushing his head.

I’ve been saved.

I think I’m a bit too early but it’s okay, I still have a few things I need to buy at the airport, including a bikini. I’ve never owned one, even Cuban beaches were not enough to make me buy one, or walk around in one.

“Which one is this? Msebe or Langa?” I ask as we drive.

“One of them. Don’t worry about it, you’ll never be able to tell them apart anyway,” he says and changes the topic.

He’s right. My stomach still turns when I think about that time I almost threw myself at Mqhele.

He’s been sitting quietly at the back looking out the window with those bulging eyes.

He’ll fall asleep anytime now…


Or not.

“Yes boy,”

“Why did Jesus put the salt in the water? What are we going to drink when the water in the tap is finished if all the water has salt in it?”-he asks.

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