Naledi His Love Chapter 3

It rings once.
I keep quiet.
“Naledi….” he says again.
I take a deep breath. Suddenly I’m not sure if calling him was a good idea.
“I just called,” I say.
I’m a bit emotional.
I think about hanging up but I didn’t come all the way here to call him and hang up and go back.
I can hear him breathing.
“Naledi,” he says again.
“I love you,” he says and immediately takes a deep breath, like he is shocked himself.
What am I supposed to say now? I didn’t expect him to say that. Why is he saying that?
I don’t….
“I’m here,” I say.
I’m not even sure where I am, but I know I came here for him.
“You are where?”
“I don’t know. But I’m here. I took the Alberton off-ramp,” I say.
I shouldn’t have done this.
“You took the what? Where?” he asks, he sounds confused.
“You said you lived in Alberton, so I took the Alberton off-ramp from the N12,”
I had no plan when I left Kimberley, but I knew I was going to him, wherever he is.
He’s breathing fast.
“Where are you? Where are you parked?”
“On the side of the road,” I say.
He sounds like he’s running now.
“Tell me what you see,”
“I see a Spar and an Engen garage,” I say
It sounds like he’s getting inside a car.
“Okay, go and park at the garage,” him.
Why didn’t I think of that? But then again, I haven’t really been thinking straight today, the evidence of that is me being here, what am I doing?
I park and sit and wait.
I don’t know what I’m going to say to him when he arrives. I don’t know what I’m going to tell him when he asks me why I’m here.
He’s here.
That was too quick.
It’s that Range Rover.
He parks a bit further away and comes running to my car.
“Naledi!!” he says pulling my door open.
I just sit and look at him.
“What happened? Hey…..what…?”
I can’t speak.
I’m biting my lips very hard.

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