Naledi His Love Chapter 5


The car stops!


“You are from what??” he asks.

Oh crap! Really Qhawe?

“I’m from a royal family, my father is a chief,” I say.

Okay maybe I should have told him this earlier but I don’t understand why he’s reacting like this.

“And you didn’t tell me? Why?”


“Just drive please?”

“No!,” he snaps.

I’m surprised he didn’t do background checks on me and my family because he would have easily found this out.

“I didn’t think it was important, and besides, my father never wanted to be chief, that’s why we left the village and went to live in Mafikeng. He only took it up seven years ago when he had no choice but to do it,” I explain.

He’s not convinced.

“So what’s going to happen? Some village chief guy is going to come and want to marry you?” he asks.

Well, that happened with my sister but….

I keep quiet.

“Is that a yes? Does your silence mean yes? Naledi please don’t make me lose my mind…..”

“No Chawe, it’s not a yes, I’ll never allow that, you know me better,” I say.

But….it could get complicated if he ever popped the question.

“Good, because I’d shoot him,” he says.

I laugh. He’s crazy.

“So, royalty? Explain to me,” he says starting the car again.

I don’t like talking about this.

“It’s a little complicated, Montsho Montsho, that’s my father. He was the first son, which made him the successor to his father. But his father died when he was very young and his cousin took up the position. There were rifts in the family. My father went away to study, came back with my mother, married her, family didn’t approve, they had four daughters, it got tough, my mother left before I turned one, we lived with my grandmother, she died, my father packed his four daughters and moved to Mafikeng. Fast forward, community started asking questions, they wanted the rightful chief, my father refused, things happened and eventually he had no choice but to respect who he is….”

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