Naledi His Love Chapter 8

You’ve been scarce, I haven’t seen you shaking your thang around here in a while,”
Shaking my thang?
I laugh.
This girl.
“I’ve been around, just busy,” I say.
She keeps glancing at me as she files my nails.
“You’re glowing, new man?”
How can she tell?
“Why does it have to be a man?”
“Oh please, I know you, you look different,” she says, inspecting me I think
Is it that obvious that my life has changed for the……well better, depending on how you look at it.
“Talk talk talk I’m listening,” she says.
I don’t even know her surname.
“Not exactly new, it’s been almost two months now,” I think I’m blushing as I say this.
“Two months of…?”
“Total bliss, some drama here and there but I’m not complaining,” I say.
She has this curious smile on her face.
“Is he hot?”
“He is beyond hot!”
We laugh.
It’s nice to talk to someone about him although this conversation is just shallow beauty salon talk.
I need someone to share my happiness with. Forget Tshedi, she thinks this is her happiness more than it is mine. I’ve tried talking to Omphi a few times but she doesn’t seem very happy about my new relationship.
When I was in Alberton last weekend I asked to do lunch with her but she said she was busy. I was disappointed, Qhawe too, he thinks she doesn’t like him. He said he doesn’t care whether people like him or not but it’s different when it’s my family. He’s already screwed up his relationship with my father, so he says he doesn’t want another enemy in the family.
Tshedi is his biggest fan.
“I have the perfect colour for you,” she says.
Her nails are blue, I hope she’s not about to make me look like clown.
“That? But it’s too purple,” I say.
Hell no! I’m not putting that on my nails.
“Okay, how about this one?” she asks.
Nope! I want nude, I always do nude.
She shrugs and picks a nude nail polish.
I’m smiling thinking about the other time I was here. Qhawe was outside in the rain waiting for me to come out and move my car. Never in my widest dreams did I think that incident would lead to now.
I miss him. I last saw him on Sunday night, today is Wednesday, it’s been three days and I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t see him soon.
“So where does the hot mystery man live?” she asks.
I was somewhere far just now, it happens a lot, I’m just always thinking about him.


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