Naledi His Love Chapter 9

I want to throw the bloody thing out the window.
Thirty minutes! That’s all I need just thirty minutes of sleep!
But Tshedi, she’s been calling and calling…….
And that vampire of a man! We left Kimberley at 3am (yes that’s how rough it is).
I tried to sleep on the way but he kept waking me up.
We arrived here just after 8am and what does he do? He showers, gets dressed and leaves! He’s like a flipping ghost!
He said something about going to shisanyama with the brothers. I don’t know, I wasn’t listening, I just wanted him to leave so I could sleep.
Now I’m annoyed by Tshedi and I’m hungry. It’s just after 11am. I don’t know why she’s rushing me.
I’ll eat whatever I find in the fridge and go get ready. I want to drive my car today, it’s been parked here for two months. But then, Tshedi will kill me if I show up in a 1-Series when God has shown her so many times that she deserves far better.
The car is parked outside? That means he’s back. But the house is quiet, too quiet.
He could be outside, but I don’t see him through the glass walls.
I’m going to look for him, he must think I’m still sleeping.
I smile walking past the porch and thinking about that first morning we had breakfast out here. When I showed him who rules the roost.
But, where is he though?
“Don’t step on those……” he says behind me.
Where did he come from?
“Whew! I’ve been looking for you…….” I say rushing to hug…
Oh shit!!! I stop before my arms reach him.
“He freaks out when we step on his trees and flowers and all this green shit he has all over here,” he says puffing out smoke.
I’m frozen. I can’t even utter a single word.
“So, how are you MaMontsho?” he asks.
I want to speak, but I can’t, so I nod.
“Qhawe tells me you hang around lunatics all day,”- he says.
I clear my throat.
“They’re my patients,” I manage to say.
I’m freaked out by a lot of things. First is the fact that I almost hugged him, second is the fact that there’s something very dark……….I can’t explain it…..about him, and four is I cannot get used to how much he looks like Qhawe.
“I see,” he says, puffing the smoke.
So he is as arrogant as his brother I see.
I don’t know whether I should continue standing here, or ask to be excused and run to lock myself in the bedroom or if I should……
Where is Qhawe anyway?
“I’m hungry,” he says
He’s standing there looking at me.
I can’t even look him in the eye.
“What should I make you, is there anything specific….?”-me
What kind of stupid question is this…..?
I’m really trying to act normal.
He shrugs.


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